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THIS IS YOUR LIST NOW, I ask artists to fill out a set of lists about the music in their lives. For the thirteenth THIS IS YOUR LIST NOW, Alex White, frontwoman of garage punk duo White Mystery, was nice enough to complete the lists.

Five Current Artists Worth Listening To

Twin Peax - Up-and-coming homeboys from our neighborhood in Chicago.

Warm Soda - Hushed bubblegum power pop on Castleface Records, from Oakland.

Uh Bones - Fantastic organ-driven garage from Chicago with a new 45 out.

Snake Island! - Psychedelic light show rockers from Omaha, Nebraska.

Field of Steel - Heavy band of Dutch grunge teenagers from Haarlem.  "

Reviews – June 2013

Saturday, June 1st, 2013 | Reviews | YGR
Uh Bones Only You 7″ (Randy)
Randy Records keeps the classic garage-rock flowing with four Uh Bones tracks on one 7″. “Only You” is pretty cool, reminding me of a straighter Los Cincos. Really, the whole EP is pretty tasteful, well-oiled garage rock, staying pretty far from punk or anything that may have occurred post-1974. The singer’s voice is well-coated in the usual modern-day reverb, but I can tell that he’s capable of singing this sort of music, which is somewhat refreshing when it comes to these semi-anonymous garage-rock singles I end up hearing. I might’ve gone for a brighter, bigger recording if I were Uh Bones, since it seems like they’ve got good-enough chops that they don’t need to hide behind a wall of quiet fuzz, but maybe this was the best they could afford, so I’m not holding it against them. Maybe it’s just that so much of Uh Bones’ competition is so mediocre, but I feel like Uh Bones did me right with this little single.

Uh Bones – Only You 7″ EP
uh bones only you 7 ep randy records 2013
Chicago soul-rockers UH BONES just dropped their debut 7″ EP Only You on Randy Records. Coming with heavy 60s influences, this is about as solid as a debut you could hope for.
Their new 7″ comes hot off the heels of their first self-titled cassette EP from 2012 which has since sold out. But thanks to Randy Records, there’s plenty more of their infectious garage rock to go around, and infect it shall! Only You supplies us with four tracks overall, two of which were first available on the self-titled cassette we just mentioned. As Randy would say himself, they are all awesome.
With the initial spin of this 7″, it’s was immediately clear that there was no going back to the way things were before Uh Bones – once the infection starts you can’t shake it off. “Only You” unfolds with a warming, twangy crunch, fortified by deep bass throbs and tight, jangly percussion. It comes along with just the right amount of static fuzz, complemented by a hazy blanket of lyseric organs that adds a great deal of trippy, strobing color to each track. You can hear it perfectly in “He’s Got It” with it’s dazed and wobbly swagger. The track is centered around Luke Trimble’s, clear, full-throated crooning as he wails with authority to lead us through the moody anthem. “Bait” eventually wraps up the EP, saturated by wonky bass lines and kaleidoscopic synths that makes for a constant, colorful swirl that floats right above your head. Invigorating guitar soloing comes in to steal the show about halfway through with a wrinkled complexion, making for a groovy final statement that will force you up and out of your seat.
In the end we can only hope there’s going to be more new material from Uh Bones in the immediate future. Here’s to hoping we find out sooner than later. Listen to these tracks below and let the infection begin.

(Randy This Chicago 60s-style killer combo pays tribute to our city’s fine history of organized labor. As in, this record sounds like someone giving birth to a Farfisa soundtrack…get it organ-ized labor?!? The best 7 inches to come out of Chicago since Rahm was circumcised down to 6.75”.

May 1st 2013 by Permanent Records

Another killer single from Chicago's Randy Records?  Fuck YES.  And this time from none other than the up-and-coming local garage rockers Uh Bones!

This is a band you're gonna hear nothing but good things about down the road cuz they're off to a killer start.  On "Only You" the band finds the pocket between garage and punk and they just hit the road running.  With plenty of love for the classics from Shadows Of The Knight to the Sonics mixed in the more explosive antics of the Mummies, Marked Men and the Night Kings, Uh Bones knocks down this four pack of soul drenched / organ flared / fuzzed up garage rock like it ain't no big deal.  But we assure you it is.  If this is a taste of what's to come, you better watch out Ty Segall.   DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 by
RANDY RECORDS strikes again, this time with a new 7 inch EP from chicago's garage upstarts, UH BONES, entitled ONLY YOU...... and if you're looking for some soul drenched / fuzzed up / rambunctious garage rock, look no further than this EP.....

few bands hit the mark when trying to revive the spirit of those classic NUGGETS era singles like UH BONES......notice i said spirit not sound, this is not regurgitation....or "garage rock revival".....on ONLY YOU, UH BONES take the path trail blazed by the SONICS, CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND, the KINKS and/or the SHADOWS OF THE KNIGHT, but follow it through the MILKSHAKES / THEE MIGHTY CAESARS and onto the MUMMIES and LES SEXAREENOS, where they end up juicing their garage punk with extra attitude, reverb and melody......ready to get the kids dancing all night long like garage rock was meant to do in the first place....... too many bands just take the template without any of the rhythm & blues or backbeat that was the basis of rock n roll in the first place....... 

sure the onslaught of so-cal bands exporting garage punk these days is great, but maybe it just takes a band from chicago, the home of bo diddley, howlin wolf, muddy waters and chess records to really take garage rock back to its wild, unhinged and in yer face roots.........

these four songs are absolutely killer.

UH BONES should not be chicago's secret anymore.....
ONLY YOU is as recommended as they come......

listen below and get the party started !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   thanks RANDY RECORDS....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 25 April 2013 by ACTIVE LISTENER

Uh Bones are a chicago based garage group that largely bypass the more common garage psych route in favor of gritty garage R&B. The results hearken back to pioneers like Them and the Yardbirds, helped no doubt by some convincingly authentic production that makes it sound like everything is being run through a Vox pedal. Top tunes too with "Amess" taking the crown at a pinch.

Posted February 12, 2013 by Patrick for MADDChicago

"Chicago’s very own mod rockers Uh Bones have released their sophomore EP Only You, via Randy Records.  The EP is the follow up to the bands debut self-titled EP that dropped, via a cassette, in June of 2012. Only You continues the band’s spot on approach to 60′s lo-fi rock n’ roll complete with tight grooves and extra scuzz on them vocals.  Stream the entire Only You EP above and be ready to be taken back to a hazier time of tailor made suits and amphetamine-fuelled all-night dance parties."

"Until NASA commercializes time travel — what? You know they have the ability– music will have to take us there. Chicago’s Uh Bones is the perfect vessel with which to get your groove on 60s-style. Uh Bones specialize in slick Brit-pop-esque tuneage as heard on the band’s four song self-titled EP, which was released in June. The record brings the fuzz up to a simmering boil and sprinkles plenty of shimmery, jangly garage rock flavor into the mix. If Uh Bones can’t get you twisting and shouting, then I don’t know what will. (Audrey Leon)
Must hear: Like a Woman"

Posted on  by  for Chicago Tunes

"#3 | Uh Bones by Uh Bones
I found out about Uh Bones by way of Magic Milk. That they frequently share bills is significant, I think, because of how naturally their sounds intertwine despite unique approaches to what lo-fi rock should be. On the stage Magic Milk shifts about already spastic music spastically and reminds me how ostentatious their front man is each time he plays a long set without pants. Next to that Uh Bones could be the most reserved fuzz act in the city. That’s been my impression even when they don’t share space with Magic Milk, like in December at the Burlington. The set was my first show there, and I was moved from the start by the way the venue puts on a show. The stage is a touch past the bar behind a foyer bookended by doors. You enter in and it feels oddly like standing inside a cave despite a lack of anything that resembles one. It’s a lowly lit space with dark walls. Like a miniature Empty Bottle. That night Uh Bones put on 40 minutes of class. They don’t seem to have much following yet, so for now it seems like I’ve stumbled upon some great secret about the city’s garage scene. Their self-titled album is my favorite EP of the year."

Posted on  by  for Chicago Tunes

In no short supply these days are bands restoring the sounds of yore to meet repurposed, sometimes inspired, ends. We’ve probably reached an odd point in music, it seems, when material that is in fact new might just as easy pass for stuff released to the public 40 to 50 years ago.
Such regeneration isn’t unique to the times, of course, but I can’t recall a period when bands worked at it with comparable efficiency.
Though I’ve heard this year a fair amount of music that does this — applied directly or even incidentally — I don’t know that I’ve enjoyed any of it as much as I have Uh Bones. Their unexpected grade of lo-fi garage, compiled here on a four-track EP, could’ve found a neat home somewhere in ’60s fuzz.
Uh Bones is an unfortunate name though. I’d love a primer.
They’ve got a thing Thursday at The Burlington that I’ll recommend based on the strength of the EP. Five bucks, and Magic Milk headlines.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 
"Chicago continues to pump out killer newer bands happy to give a nod to old classics, or in some cases, tear up new alleyways.  While Uh Bones aren't re-inventing the wheel, they're certainly putting a good spin on it, and garnering themselves good enough press in the meantime..  Just recently adding The Yolks' Nathan Johnson on keys certainly should add some good layers to all of this.  Folks from Get Bent and Sex Beat have stated "Chicago, your secret is out" and "you ought to have a new favorite band."

Honestly, we could give or take blurbs from press most of the time, and like to form our own decisions by seeking these acts out live.  Killer bands like Lechuguillas, Running, Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan have and will continue to blow your eardrums for months, or even years with little to no attention.  Some of these acts lay waste to basements and houses for years, stoked to just be able to play for kids who love it and want to be there.  Some move on to bigger things, others break up at their most potent.  The cycle will never change.  It's what our favorite moments, and this website, has tried to cautiously purvey over the years.  They want to play, for you.  Shit, you want a tape?  Take it.  Want a shirt?  How much do you have?  Uh Bones are no exception.  A welcome addition to Chicago's roster of fuzzy rock n' roll, they're great, and just warming up.  This was a show we recently hosted in 2012 at Swerp Mansion that included newly formed Massive Ego, New Diet, and Boston's PILE.  One of the many bands with a song on that killer Manic Static compilation.  Underrated, for now.  Enjoy."

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 Posted by  for

"up and comers - UH BONES

there's always a super secret underground rock n roll scene thriving in chicago.... bars like the empty bottle, the burlington and the crown tap give us garage/punk rockers a place to call home, but lately most of the interesting new bands around town have been cutting their teeth in those dirty warehouse spaces and rock n roll houses.... keeping way off the grid.....  and there's quite a few bands in that super secret dark drunk thrashy corner of chicago's rock n roll scene that ought to be much better known, 'cause some of these bands rock more than the bands coming out of those "hip" cities like san fran, los angeles and nyc.......

so let me introduce you to one of these much under appreciated bands......UH BONES....  with one s/t tape ep out and a new 7 inch on its way from RANDY records, these guys are starting to make a splash........ psych coated garage rock fuzz played raw and loud.......indebted to the best of the garage psych bands -- seeds, velvets, 13th floor elevators and count five -- UH BONES take things up a notch and bring plenty of punk attitude, garage thump and awesome guitar fireworks to the classic rock formula.......  fans of the oh sees, ty segall, peoples temple, d watusi and cosmonauts take note.......UH BONES ought to be yr new favorite bands.........."

Posted on  by  for SEXBEAT

"The fuzzy anti-glamour of the garage-rocking sixties is clearly close to the heart of Chicago-based UH BONES, and their self-titled debut E.P feels no shame in showing it. Amess, with its snippets of dementedness and squirming, distorted guitars, reeks of Nico-era Velvet Underground, whilst The Kinks-y, organ-infused stomp of He’s Got It is a swaggering attempt to restore the genre to its brashest, rawest roots.
Certainly the band are doing things the nostalgic/old-fashioned/real way, recording these four tracks in their apartment and making them available to purchase in the form of a cassette tape, but the more modern-minded can still take the contemporary option and listen and download below."

By Lisa Parisi for Get Bent 7/4/12

"Uh, Chicago, your secret is out. Uh Bones are, uhhh, pretty good.
Careening in with a trembling bass that pulsates, not even fifteen seconds in and your swaying to the beat while hazy vocals subdue the senses creating an euphoric daze. Deep and fuzzy with palpitating beats, “Black Shadow” features mod-inspired echoic reverb reminiscent of the Golden ‘60s in a manner that still mixes in the heavy hitters of today. Straddling the divide between past and present envision Flamin’ Groovies, Quicksilver Messenger Service, the Sonics, and Captain Beefheart meeting the Cosmonauts and Gap Dream on the corner of Haight and Ashbury and deciding to call up their pals in the Strange Boys’ and Dead Ghosts for some of their twang; then they see John Dwyer passin’ by and he contributes some of that mellow OCS beauty. Just imagine, all these sounds floating around in our fictive world and mixing together—that’s Uh Bones."

Pops And Robbers 11/29/11

"Uh Bones begin their lazy garage/blues tune ”My Mistake“ with the universally recognizable line, “When you’re on your own/have nowhere to go.” Anybody with a Blind Willie Mc Tell or Robert Johnson album has most likely heard the line or something similar somewhere. As I listened, I was reminded of something Little Steven said in my early garage rock schooling days. He said that garage music was just white guys butchering black blues. Welp, by Little Steven’s standards, Uh Bones appears to be the garagiest of the garage. Gloria times ten. The aptly named Uh Bones has taken the progressions and themes of somebody like Blind Willie McTell, turned them inside out so you can see its bare bones–so you can see that lonlieness, the blues aint pretty. This song may be sloppy, but it’s one hell of a garage tune.

Highlight: The sloppy solo that moves along as quickly as an underwater jog.

You can catch Uh Bones Thursday, Dec. 29 at Panchos with Those Howlings, Charming People, and Little Boy Jr."